Surprising rendition of a city pop yard and many gardens with yards show passion by their owners. The keepers grow varied plants, uphold natural materials and exhibit things of curiosity. Imagine place enliven by a melody of ringing bells instead of wind-chime of bamboo. Like a classic said: Ratio quasi sonus lumenque vitae, that sound which enlightens life. There is something in timbre of bell which has the power to amaze, charm, lift the spirit, even to frighten especially in the past.

Sound Program - about choice of sounds and linking bells of Prague inextricably with the Low Countries - with Guide on how to build Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock

Truth is that bell is the loudest of all musical instruments and surely one of the older ones. However, the intention here is rather submissive chime melody for yard or garden. Structured program took longer time to live and sift. Finally it fits so there comes the technical question: How to deliver bells automatically and accurately on the top of the hour?

 The answer is the Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock. The idea of the musical and accurate clock device presents a challenge taken up by the author. The device is conceived in a safe casket for additional creative build. Hopefully, the guide and the device itself will find friends among wider audience. 

For ringing bells are ubiquitous even in our electronic age and the carillon device uses them as melodies. Namely it performs virtuosic and expressive carillonning and chiming. On the other hand, the repertoire of the Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock is as simple duty as of eight bell dints at 8PM. Repertoire is decided and for a jazzy cause, I arranged the daily program with variety of sounds of glockenspiel, peal, consonance to clock bells, death-knelling, carillon in Holland and the chime melody of Brussels.  

I have two sound highlights: the Loreto Chime and the Astronomical Clock of Prague. In addition to bell plays, I complement the list by animal and musical instrument sound-bites in educating way, interesting and passable for the family yard concept. Final set but if there are interesting elements of musical bells, let’s see to explore them. Decisive parameter is overall fit in compilation mix.

The clock device can be used in many ways. It can serve to exploring sounds of bells of communities and campanological heritage. In vicinity of yard or garden, it can become attractive clock and gain a sense of identity. It can be influential tool to increase social connection and nice carillon and chime melodies can become hit with dwellers. The repertoire for yard of today’s diverse families can be interesting occasion.

Placement of the clock device is another aspect to consider. My idea is rather subdued effect as if it were playing from some outlying steeple. My device is situated on balcony above yard in wide open range. Normally, the height of the bells in tower is important factor. There shall be no immediate reflection of sound about a bell tower. There must be no hindrance whatever to the sound traveling in all directions equally free.

The charm of the Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock is in independent musical device. The device is playing bell melodies accurately at scheduled time however louder than the mobile itself. 

Please, read on how I’ve made my Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock. I encourage you to make similar automatically playing carillon and let it be known about. Perhaps, your satisfaction from the result will be equal to that of a craftsman in the past when he completed a complicated iron chime clock contrivance. 


Youtube: Yard Spell Digital Carillon Clock


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