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Paulita girl
Marilyn Monroe
Joris Hoefnagel Horoscope of Emperor
Marilyn Monroe
J. Hoefnagel Horoscope of the Emperor
Lady Diana
Hercules tomcat birth: 04-30-1991, 12:00 P.M.
J. Hoefnagel Horoscope of Rudolph II, Prague
A Blessing Lady of Asquare Chapel

Revealing artistic horoscope

Have you reflected upon a visual output of astrologer's presentation? Be inspired here by conscious natal astrology in retaining natural amount of intuition.

Once upon the time in Mannerism, astrological lore manifested in horoscope paintings such as by Joris HoefnagelRudolph II. Acclaimed painter created the piece of art served to the Emperor Rudolph II (Kunsthistorishes Museum, Vienna). The artist conceived it as a circular mirror stand with convex houses chart attended by goddesses in surrounding of avian and aquatic life in elements of nature.

The chart of Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe including that of Lady Diana,Lady Diana Elvis, Madonna and dozen more belongs to series (1995 - 1996).
Classical methods facilitated Sheila Geddes, The Art of Astrology, 1980; Ephemeris American Astrology Hugh S. Rice, Tables of Houses, 1944. Drawing software tool was Autocad 12 and 13. Software Dance of the Planets 2 enabled accurate positions of planets, comets, Ceres, bodies and aspects.

Illustrative chart of a girl PaulitaPaulita consists of inserted picture of astrology painting (50x50cm) and online chart in 2019.
Zodiacal images correspond in extend to Frederick Goodman, Zodiac Signs, 1990.
Interpreting is something else. Who can beat the prophecies by Nostradamus? Francis X. King and Stephen Skinner, Das Grosse Buch der Voraussagen, 1993.

A piece MoodikaMoodika is an overlay quadrant on aquarelle from series 19“x24“, N.Hollywood, 1990. The square chart conforms to traditional scheme with the house system in prior as applied by a German astronomer Johannes Kepler.
Kepler cast over 800 horoscopes. Besides Kepler's own horoscope,Kepler's own outstanding one belongs to duke Albrecht von Wallenstein.duke Albrecht von Wallenstein Kepler refined the generalissimo's 1608 horoscope in 1628.
To wit, Waldstein's Kopidlno library yielded a horoscope of an unnamed Illustrissimus in execution of a luxury book by anonymous author. Birthdate of the Illustrissimus differs in minutes from that of which Kepler used for the Bohemian military leader. However possibly the Schlicks, who owned the Waldstein's estates from 1638, furnished the horoscope par exellence. Detailed astrological content with array of round charts and monthly predictions span 1627 - 1637.
Herewith charts are through Astronomy in Czechoslovakia, Collective, 1950. Relevant astrology in Prague elevated Svatopluk Svoboda, Prag Astrological, 1994, while Rudolphinian science to the court consolidated renowned Zdeněk Horský, Kepler in Prague, 1980.

Charts are often erected for persons, animals, ships, buildings or countries. Subject can be anything like tomcat HerculesHercules or Llama.Llama

A Blessing Lady of A Square ChapelA Blessing Lady of A Square Chapel

Acryl on canvas, decoupage, laced aureoles and frame. 2021. Size 20"x28"; 50x70cm

Why is the Child's head unfinished? Intention of the artist is to place a section of astrology chart of Jesus into his aureole.

Date of birth of Jesus is based on assumptions. While the exposed section of a chart favors a morning birth. The consequence is search for a model of a teenage boy.

Natal chart paintings are being organized. Please, be informed at Offer can involve a commisioned chart by a Moravian artist.

Accompanying Certificate of Authenticity is a signed document proving the authenticity of the work and containing details about the artwork for the owner’s reference.

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