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Four-XII-dial of Water-Tower (clockwork by L. Hainz, 1880) at the Novotný's Footbridge, Prague


Experience in Clockmaking and Renovation

Renowned firm L. Hainz Clockmaking manufactures tower, turret, street and floral clocks.
The long-standing tradition in the field guarantees quality reconstructions and maintenance of historic mechanical clocks. Some of the clocks in our care are Loretto chiming clock, tower clock of St. Vitus' Cathedral and the Astronomical clock of Prague - Orloj.

Brief History

House clock
The firm L. Hainz Clockmaking was established by Ludvík Hainz in 1836. Then, the company began to take care of the Astronomical clock at the Old Town Square. Today, the firm services about eighty turret clocks in Prague.

Clockworks made by L. Hainz can be seen outside Prague in Bohemia. There is even the exemplary clock by L. Hainz on display in National technical Museum of Prague.


Clockwork detail
A typical product by L. Hainz Clockmaking is a clock with striking train for one or two bells with automatic winding.
The clockwork drive either second pendulum with Graham escapement and constant force, or polarized minute impulses. A standard equipment consists of steel pinions and bronze bearings in cast iron plates. The clocks have weight power which enable four hours of continuous run. A variant of the tower clock may strike hours, halves or quarters. The clock can drive 1 to 4 dials in diameter of up to 3.5 m (138 in).
Our customer can select a variety of glass and gilded dials from our Dial Catalog.

Commitment to Service

Floral clock
The firm L. Hainz is committed to service of large number of clocks, dominating clock-making scene in Czech Republic.
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