The Powder Tower of a Magister Edward Kelley   


            A renovated shop to let is located in a former alchemy laboratory of a Renaissance occultist Sir Edward Kelley in the Powder Tower in A Square.

  The ancient tower with popular scenery views is unique by being lean like the tower of Pisa and due to its moving history.

The tower walls served as a dungeon to a crazed noblewoman White Lady, treasury, aristocrat’s observatory and the alchemist laboratory favorite with the Emperor, who was looking for the elixir of life and eternal youth.

During unsuccessful siege by a foreign army it served as a deposit of casks with gun powder.

It later served as a depository of garden statuettes and even as storage of horse feed.

A troubadour and bell-ringer with family occupied small flat on the top until 1938.

Festivals centrum and staircase race have been the most recent exploits.

The steeple is topped by riveted structure of staircase and belfry made in the Old Smithy workshop. 

The 24 hour striking clock bell weighs 224 kg (494 pounds). A manual bell Wencesalus cast a bellfounder Jarosh of Brunn in 1576. It weighs 90 hundredweight, measures 176 cm (69 in) in diameter, 130 cm (51 in) high. This Sunday bell has six cannons with generous floral decoration. The bell hangs by means of iron straps mounted on a wooden headstock.

The original sundial above stone portal reads CARPE DIEM.

A hall next to shop is open to public as the entrance to Little Theatre, Spas, vine cellars, distillery, also catacomb and torture chamber in a tour through passages connecting houses under the square.

Electro-bicycles are available within the vicinity of the A Square.

Weddings in our greenhouse, equestrian and other events in connection with the tower are arranged upon request.

The Chapel is open to registered persons.

Genius Loci of the place makes the ground floor premises ideal for a style store with health goods, books, esotery or similar substance.

Please, contact the property manager to learn more.