The Powder Tower of a Magister Edward Kelley   


            A renovated shop to let is located in former alchemy laboratory of a Renaissance occultist Sir Edward Kelley in the Powder Tower in A Square.

  The ancient tower with popular scenery views is unique by being lean like the tower of Pisa and due to its moving history. The tower walls served as a dungeon to a crazed noblewoman White Lady, treasury, aristocrat’s observatory and the alchemist laboratory favorite with Emperor who was looking for the elixir of life and eternal youth. It later served as a depository of garden statuettes and even as storage of horse feed. During unsuccessful siege by a foreign army it served as a deposit of casks with gun powder. A troubadour with family occupied small flat on the top. Festivals centrum and staircase race have been the most recent exploits. A hall next to shop is open to public as the entrance to Little Theatre, vine cellars, distillery, catacomb and torture chamber in a tour through passages connecting houses under the square.

Genius Loci of the place makes the premises ideal for modern store with health goods, food, kitchen, books, esotery or similar substance.

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